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Kansans deserve a healthy and prosperous future that advances both our economy and our environment. Our members and volunteers are actively promoting smart policies to protect and improve our beautiful state.

Together, we pool our resources to hire a lobbyist who acts as the eyes and ears of the Kansas Sierra Club on the ground in Topeka. At the direction of our Legislative Committee, our lobbyist leads the charge advocating for greater responsibility of our natural resources, better energy infrastructure, and protection from harmful pollution, so we can leave a better place and future for our children. We are membership and volunteer driven – join us in the movement for a more healthy, clean, and just future, today!

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We must convince legislators to protect water and air resources, AND to make Kansas a leader in Wind Energy, Solar, and Energy Conservation and Efficiency. Our legislators must be convinced to take the necessary steps to promote wind energy and other green jobs in Kansas. We need to get prepared now. Here’s what you can do to help and it won’t take much of your time either now or later.

Volunteer to be on our Legislative Action TREE to call, write or email your state senator and representative on important issues when we give you the word. You will also get the KLN (the Kansas Legislative Newsletter) by our lobbyist Zack Pistora during the legislative session.