Alert: Kansas legislators need to hear from you. Support Net Metering!!

KansansForCleanEnergyDo you support net metering for renewable energy?

Kansas legislators need to hear from you right away.
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This week, the Kansas House and Senate may vote on bills that could change this important clean energy policy.

Tell your elected officials, Kansas should promote consumer choice by maintaining a fair net energy metering policy.

Net metering is a popular policy that allows Kansans to use homegrown energy.

Kansas’ net metering policy supports a stable, prosperous business environment in the state.

New legislation, HB 2458/SB 280,  would hinder energy innovation and choice for customers who participate in the state’s net metering program.

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About Kansans for Clean Energy

Home-grown Kansas energy provides a bright economic future for Kansas.

We are a diverse coalition of organizations from across the state of Kansas that are interested in educating in advocating for clean energy. Our member organizations include agricultural, energy-oriented, environmental and faith-based groups. Together, we represent thousands of Kansans who support renewable energy as a means of job creation, rural prosperity, and wise use of natural resources such as water and clean air.

Climate + Energy Project     Kansas Farmers Union     Kansas Interfaith Power & Light

Kansas Natural Resource Council    Kansas Rural Center     Kansas Sierra Club

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