Can’t go to NYC for the People’s Climate Rally? How about sending your Flat Stanley cutout instead?

blast_img_2You know you want to go to the People’s Climate Rally in New York City on September 2o-21. And you know it’s time for the world’s leaders to take action and lead on addressing the climate change crisis. So how about sending your Flat Stanley cutout instead (or maybe your child or grandchild’s image). You’ve heard of Flat Stanley! He goes everywhere. Here he is with President Obama:


And in New York City (like you!):

So how about sending Flat You to NYC for the climate rally?! Here are donation levels to send your Flat You cutout (maximum 12″) to the most important gathering on Climate Change of the decade:

Marching Guardian — a donation of $150 (the price of a bus ticket). Flat You will be attached to a stick and held high, along with our signs, as we march in New York City.

Student Sponsor — a donation of $50 (the price of a student ticket). Students and other bus riders will carry Flat You on the march in New York City.

Parking Guardian – parking the bus in NYC will cost hundreds of dollars for just those two days. Become a Parking Guardian with a donation of $25 and Flat You will be strung together with other Parking Guardians and carried with our signs as we march in the streets of New York City.

Bus riders and marchers will be texting pictures back so we can post them on our Facebook page.

For more details on the trip, click here: Get on the Bus for the People’s Climate Rally

And to support those who are heading out on this important journey and send Flat You along with them, click here:

Your support matters! Help send a message to the world’s leaders and add your voice (and Flat You image) to the hundreds of thousands of others who will be there.

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