Climate Speaker for Your Organization

In September of 2015, Craig Wolfe was trained during 3 days with over 1100 trainees from all over the world by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project to make climate presentations to organizations like yours. Take action on climate. Find out how we can avoid this terrible future. Contact Craig Wolfe at

The climate crisis is real. But what are the facts? What are the threats that we face?  Where are the opportunities going forward? If the climate emergency is an existential threat to life on the planet, does our response reflect that of an emergency? What can and must individuals do to avert the worst consequences of the climate crisis?.

There are lots of changes that each of us can make.  Here is an idea that you can do right now. Contact Craig Wolfe to make a climate presentation to your organization,

We all belong to churches, businesses, and organizations that have speakers on a regular basis. Craig Wolfe is ready, willing, and able to come to your organization and share his presentation The Climate Emergency: The case for Immediate Action.


Craig Wolfe
Kansas Chapter Communications, Newsletter Editor, and Webmaster

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