Chapter (state) Leaders

Chapter Executive Committee Officers, Committee Chairs
*Elected ExCom member; **Appointed ExCom member,
***Group Representative to Chapter, ****Officer/Committee Chair, or Contractor

Alternates: Bill Cutler, Kerry Herndon (KZ), Travis Robinett

Yvonne Cather*, Chair, Council Delegate, (316) 522-4741,
Elaine Giessel*, Vice-Chair, Water Quality Co-Chair, (913) 888-8517,
Scott Smith***, Treasurer, (785) 539-1973,
David Kirkbride*, Secretary, Outings Chair, (316) 945-0728,
Gary Anderson***, PAC Treasurer, Topeka Group Rep, (785) 246-3229,
Calen Hall***, Wakarusa Group Rep,
Lori Lawrence***, Southwind Group Rep, (316) 688-1484,
Richard Mabion*, Environmental Justice Co-Chair, Education Chair, (913) 481-9920,
Jennifer Robinson*, ExCom Member, (785) 550-6123,
Kent Rowe*, Toxics Chair, (316) 409-7178,
Gail Shafton***, Communications Chair, (913) 909-3127,
Joe Spease*, Legislative Chair, (913) 492-2862,
Bill Griffith****, Energy Chair, (913) 772-8960,
Bob Sommer****, Director of Development, 816-898-1100,
Craig Volland****, CAFO Chair, Trade Chair, Agriculture Chair, Air Quality Chair, (913) 788-7336,
Craig Wolfe****, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Communications Director (913) 299-4443,