GoGreenScore.org – The Little Test that Makes a WORLD of Difference

(Lawrence, Kansas) — GoGreenScore.org is a free, easy, and fun survey that’s designed to help people learn how green their current lifestyle is – and how green it could be. Unlike many online questionnaires that can make the user feel bad about their green lifestyle choices, GoGreenScore.org promotes a positive, optimistic outlook. And it doesn’t just ask questions; it provides answers too. Dozens of links to “Live Green Tips” shed light on why each question is important to both our environment and consumers’ pocketbooks.

The sponsors of www.GoGreenScore.org believe that every person has the power to make a positive, measurable effect on our environment with just a few, simple changes in their lives. And the more people who make these changes, the better off we all will be.

“When I took other online questionnaires, I was shocked at how many Earths it would take if everyone lived like me,” explains GoGreenScore.org Co-Founder, Lynate Pettengill. “I thought I lived a pretty darn green lifestyle already. It didn’t motivate me to make any more changes; it made me want to give up. So that’s why we came up with a fun way to let people know how green they’re currently living, and how easy it would be to make a change or two to help out our troubled planet.”

In just a few short minutes on GoGreenScore.org users will find out whether they are “Heading Toward Greener Pastures” or if they are a “Lean, Mean, Green Machine.”

For more information go to www.GoGreenScore.org

By Lynate Pettengill

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