Kansas Chapter Announces Endorsements for 2014 Primaries

Uncle SamEndorsements for incumbents are based on voting records on a list of issues of importance to the Sierra Club, including the Renewable Portfolio Standards for adoption of renewable energy into the grid, which has been at issue in the legislature each of the past three sessions. Endorsements for challengers are based on a questionnaire sent out by the Club and filled out by the candidates, covering such issues as the RPS, support of incentives for the faster development of renewable energy, and the candidate’s understanding of the science behind human-caused global warming.

The Kansas Chapter Executive Committee and Political Committee have approved the following endorsement slate for the 2014 primaries.

District 16 – Jameia Haines R,  Arthena Easterwood D, and  Don McGuire D

District 19 – Stephanie Clayton R

District 21 – Barbara Bollier R

District 42 – Harold Fevurly D and Austin Harris D

District 46 – Abbie Hodgson D and Boog Highberger D

District 99 – Randy Banwart R

District 102 – Brian E. Davis D and Chris Givans D.

Chairman, Johnson County Commission – Ed Peterson

These endorsements prioritize supporting incumbents who have supported the RPS in the past (including Clayton and Bollier), and supporting challengers in districts where the incumbents (including Grosserode in the 16th and Hedke in the 99th) have voted against this sensible and successful policy. Members of the Sierra Club will be volunteering to canvas and make phone calls in each of these districts in advance of the August primary.

Endorsements for the general election in November will be announced soon after the August primary.


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