Kansas City Enviros Organize April 29 March

We are a coalition of partners – KS (Kanza) and MO (Thomas Hart Benton) groups of the Sierra Club, 350KC, women’s groups, faith groups — who advocate for Climate, Jobs, and Justice.

Our rally culminates a week of grassroots action, starting with the March for Science on 4/22. It is your chance to show our community that people in the Heartland have a voice, and that voice aligns with those being heard in Washington, DC on 4/29.

Given the Administration’s and Congress’s increasing assault on research and regulations that protect climate, the air, and water, it is clear we must fight to protect the gains made over the last 30+ years, while we articulate and demand initiatives to move our nation to a new, clean energy economy.

It’s critical for us to bring together a broad base of concerned citizens, scientists, environmental advocates, social justice groups and labor to push back against the Trump agenda and push forward our vision of a clean, safe world where the rights of all people are protected and expanded. To achieve that vision, we all must work together, here, in our communities. Time is of the essence. Join us and begin!

Kansas City’s Facebook group:
Twitter: @ClimateMarchKC
Web: http://bit.ly/2m4mRKd

For more information on the official message of the march, please visit the national site at http://peoplesclimate.org/

Help spread the word! This is a Movement, not a Moment.
Contact: Gail Shafton at spiritednp@gmail.com or John Kurmann at willowjohn@gmail.com

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