Kansas Sierra Club 2010 Election Endorsements

The Political Committee of the Sierra Club’s Kansas Chapter began meeting in January to prepare for this year’s elections.  The endorsement process included developing a questionnaire on which candidates would describe their views on climate change, wind energy, prairie burning, KDHE and EPA regulatory authority, transportation, conservation, and other issues.  Over 300 questionnaires were sent out in Kansas, and more than 50 candidates responded.  Some 30 candidates were treated as friendly incumbents and given waivers on the questionnaire.

The Committee met weekly throughout spring and summer to review the candidates’ voting records, public statements, and responses to the questionnaire.  We also benefitted from the contributions of several Committee members with experience in Topeka and personal knowledge of the candidates.  When appropriate, we contacted candidates to explain their views.

Endorsement is a two-stage process in the Sierra Club.  The Political Committee referred its endorsement recommendations to the Kansas Chapter Executive Committee, which independently reviewed and passed on all of the candidates listed below.

These endorsements have been thoughtfully vetted to help you make the best decisions in the 2010 elections.  Please consider these candidates when you vote, and share this information with your family, friends, and community groups.

And please do vote!

Sierra Club – Kansas Chapter 2010 Candidate Endorsements

Stephene Moore          D         US House of Representatives, 3rd Dist.

Tom Holland               D         KS Governor

Chris Biggs                 D         KS Secretary of State

Terrie Huntington       R         KS Senate Dist.  7

Julie Menghini             D         3          Pittsburg

Elliot Lahn                  D         14        Olathe

Steve Wright               D         15        Olathe

Gene Rardin                D         16        Overland Park

Cindy Neighbor          D         18        Shawnee

Dolores Furtado          D         19        Overland Park

Lisa Benlon                 D         22        Overland Park

Milack Talia                D         23        Shawnee

Mike Slattery              D         24        Mission

Elise Chapline             D         28        Leawood

Stan Frownfelter         D         31        Kansas City

Louis Ruiz                   D         32        Kansas City

Tom Burroughs           D         33        Kansas City

Valdenia Winn            D         34        Kansas City

Broderick Henderson  D         35        Kansas City

Mike Peterson             D         37        Kansas City

Roberta Eveslage        D         38        Lenexa

Joe Novak                   D         39        Shawnee

Nancy Bauder             D         41        Leavenworth

Kevin King                 D         43        Gardner

Barbara Ballard           D         44        Lawrence

Linda Robinson          D         45        Lawrence

Paul Davis                   D         46        Lawrence

Ann Mah                     D         53        Topeka

Annie Kuether                        D         55        Topeka

Annie Tietze                D         56        Topeka

Sean Gatewood          D         57        Topeka

Harold Lane                D         58        Topeka

Jerry Henry                 D         63        Cummings

Sydney Carlin             D         66        Manhattan

Tom Hawk                  D         67        Manhattan

Gerrett Morris             D         69        Salina

Lee Kinch                   D         82        Derby

Sean C.  Amore           D         83        Wichita

Gail Finney                 D         84        Wichita

Judith Loganbill          D         86        Wichita

Jim Ward                     D         88        Wichita

Melody McCray Miller  D      89        Wichita

Dan Manning              D         91        Wichita

Nile Dillmore              D         92        Wichita

Dale Swenson             D         97        Wichita

Geraldine Flaharty      D         98        Wichita

Jane Byrnes                 D         105      Wichita

Janet Waugh               D         Board of Education, Dist.  1  Kansas City

Robert E Medford      D         Board of Education, Dist.  9  Pittsburg

Annabeth Surbaugh    –          Johnson County Commissioner, Chair

By Bob Sommer, Kansas Chapter Political Chair

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