Kansas Sierra Club Announces Fast-Track Incumbent Endorsements

The Sierra Club’s Kansas Chapter has announced its fast-track endorsements for friendly incumbents in the Kansas state legislature.

While more endorsements are forthcoming, these legislators have proven track records of voting to protect our environment, develop alternative energy solutions, and create clean energy jobs.

Sierra Club – Kansas Chapter

2012 Fast-Track Friendly Incumbent Candidate Endorsements

Kansas State Senate:

Terrie Huntington       R         KS Sen 7         Fairway

Marci Francisco           D         KS Sen 2         Lawrence

Jean Schodorf             R         KS Sen 25       Wichita

Anthony Hensley        D         KS Sen 19       Topeka

Oletha Faust-Goudeau D        KS Sen 29       Wichita

Kelly Kultala               D         KS Sen 5         Kansas City

Kansas State House:

Barbara Ballard           D         44        Lawrence

Tom Burroughs           D         33        Kansas City

Paul Davis                   D         46        Lawrence

Sydney Carlin             D         66        Manhattan

Nile Dillmore              D         92        Wichita

Gail Finney                 D         84        Wichita

Geraldine Flaharty      D         98        Wichita

Stan Frownfelter         D         31        Kansas City

Annie Kuether                        D         55        Topeka

Judith Loganbill          D         86        Wichita

Ann Mah                     D         53        Topeka

Annie Tietze                D         56        Topeka

Ponka-We Victors       D         103      Wichita

Jim Ward                     D         88        Wichita

The Sierra Club joins with other progressive organizations in Kansas in urging members to participate in this year’s Republican primary elections.

In Kansas state Senate races, two Republican incumbents, Terrie Huntington (Dist. 7, Fairway) andJean Schodorf (Dist. 25, Wichita), will have challengers from the extreme right of their own party.  At least four other moderate Republicans in the Senate are expected to have similar challenges.  The Political Committee is reviewing all of these races, and more endorsements are expected.

It is critical for members to pay attention to this year’s Republican primaries for offices in the state legislature.  Only a couple of Senate seats in Topeka stand between us and a free-for-all assault on the environment.

The message from the Kansas Sierra Club to its members, and anyone who cares about the environment, is to register and vote in the Republican primaries.  Moderate Republicans like Huntington and Schodorf have been willing to face tough criticism from within their own party in order to do the right thing by voting against the proposed Holcomb II coal-fired utility plant.  These are seats we cannot concede to Tea Party Republicans.

We also urge members to do more than vote.Pro-environmental candidates all over the state will need volunteers to walk neighborhoods, phone-bank, and help get-out-the-vote for the primary and general elections.  Let your representatives know that you want to help.  If you’re not sure who to call, then get in touch with me or one of your Group leaders.  We’re all listed in the Planet Kansas directory.

The primaries fall on Tuesday, August 7, this year.  Kansas voters have until July 17 to register to vote in the Republican primary.  More information on how to register or change party affiliation is available through local county boards of elections and by visiting this website: http://www.kssos.org/forms/elections/voterregistration.pdf

We can’t move to another planet when we’re done with this one.  Participating in the elections as a voter and volunteer may be the most important action you take this year to preserve the environment.

Bob Sommer serves as Kanza Group Chair and Kansas Chapter Political Chair.  

By Bob Sommer, Kansas ChapterPolitical Chair


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