Kanza Group Celebrates Winter Solstice!

The Kanza Group brought the year to a close with a rousing Winter Solstice Celebration at its final general meeting of 2011. Over seventy members joined the fun, bringing potluck dishes, children, and good cheer to the event, which featured live music by the Celtic band DogTree.

At intermission, kids of every age were entranced as Elaine Geissel conducted a short program on winter wildlife, featuring some of her furry, feathery, and slithery friends from the Ernie Miller Nature Center.

Milli and Al Hogins, familiar faces at Kanza Group activities, brought their daughter and grandchildren. “They had a marvelous time,” Milli said, “dancing to the band music and listening to the presentation by Elaine. They particularly enjoyed the falcon, hawk, and toad….We hope that this will become an annual event.”

Kanza Group ExCom member Doug Stecklein added, “The music was superb, the food plentiful, and Elaine’s presentation on winter wildlife was as entertaining for adults as it was for kids.  I am already looking forward to next year’s celebration.”

Sierra Club member Saralyn Pace described the feeling everyone seemed to share by the end of the evening: “The meeting, dinner, music and presentation were Solstice gifts to us all.”

By Bob Sommer, Kanza Group Chair

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