Kanza Group ExCom Gathers for Annual Retreat

The Kanza Group ExCom gathered on Sunday, January13th, for its annual planning session.  The topics of the day included ratifying the recent Kanza elections, selecting officers, assigning committees, and developing priorities for the year ahead.

After years of service as the ExCom Treasurer, Richard Voss will be handing the ledgers over to Mike Kozisek, who will do double duty as both Treasurer and Secretary.  Craig Lubow will continue as Vice Chair, and Bob Sommer continues as Kanza Group Chair for 2013.

A lengthy discussion focused on developing a plan to seek out speaking opportunities in the regional community.  ExCom members felt it was important to engage not only our regular constituencies but to meet with members of the business community and other groups for the purpose of discussing renewable energy, climate change, and other pressing environmental issues.

Joe Spease and Craig Wolfe are also looking into the possibility of using real-time video technology to bring environmental speakers with national reputations into general and special meetings during the year.

The ExCom worked on regular programming for the year.  Ken Schefter has spent the past couple of months planning a program on organic lawn care, which should be of special interest to our suburban members.  Outings Chair Bob Fritsch was on the tail end of a bout with flu (which he mercifully spared his comrades from sharing), but he mustered the energy to join the meeting on the speaker phone to discuss promoting Sierra Club outings throughout the region with posters and flyers.

Committee members were well-fed, sharing their potluck contributions and enjoying Heather Sommer’s white chicken chili and way-too-good brownies.

One of the Committee’s biggest challenges is getting the Kanza Group’s 1,700 members to participate in more activities.  If you’d like to get active in the Kanza Group and join a committee, get in touch with Bob Sommer at rsommer@kc.rr.com or 913-681-5211.


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