KCC Investigates Energy Efficiency Programs

On September 11th of this year, the Kansas Corporation Commission opened an investigation on the possibility of requiring utilities in the state of implementing some sort of energy efficiency programs for their customers.  This came at the behest of the Sierra Club who in an earlier proceeding at the KCC had asked for energy efficiency efforts to be expanded.  The KCC stated at that time that they may open a general docket on energy efficiency and specifically invited the Club to intervene and bring forth comments.

“This is a golden opportunity to help put in place mechanisms that will assist in cutting greenhouse gases, mercury, and fine particulates.” noted Bill Griffith, Chapter Chair.  “As of now Kansas utilities rank at the very bottom of all the states in their energy efficiency offerings to their customers.  Efficiency is the quickest and cheapest way to cut air pollution.  We need to get proven programs in place quickly to stop any new coal-fired power plants in the state from being built.  Hopefully this proceeding will include the rural cooperaitves, municipalities, and BPU as well so their customers can benefit from this action.”

Sometime next spring is the anticipated outcome of this investigation.  After that, programs may be put in place by power providers.  The timetable could vary depending on the company.

Sierra Club Intervenes in Proceedings


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