KC’s Energy Solutions Homes Tour October 1

The Heartland Renewable Energy Society’s 12th Annual Tour

This year’s Energy Solutions Homes Tour will feature 15 homes touting energy efficiency and renewable energy in virtually every part of the KC Metro area.  The Tour will be a “self-guided” tour, meaning that attendees will select the homes they wish to see and the times they wish to see them, and then drive themselves to the homes of most interest to them.  This is different from last year’s tour where 4 homes were visited using bus transportation.

“The Heartland Renewable Energy Society Board (HRES) wanted to provide as many locations as possible for interested folks to go see,” said Craig Wolfe, President of HRES.  “We hope this year’s format will make it possible for as many folks as possible to discover their own energy solutions.”

HRES is also excited that Greenability Magazine will be their communications partner for the 2011 Energy Solutions Homes Tour.  Greenability readers will find a large spread in their September/October issue describing the Tour and its homes.  Attendees will be able to go to any of the Tour homes to purchase their tickets, which will get them into any and all of the 15 homes.  (Tickets are $10.  Kids under 12 are free.)

“Renewable energy is the key to our clean and safe energy future,” Wolfe says.  “However, you must first start with energy efficiency, and then complete the job with renewable energy.  But our country and our planet better get started.”  Wolfe got started in 1978 when he built his own passive solar home, which will be on this year’s tour.

“We will be adding more and more info to our website,” says Wolfe.  “You can get more information at www.kcsolar.org.”

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