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About the Kansas Lobby Corps

In a democracy, the people are supposed to be the boss.  We Kansans trust our elected officials will represent our views.  It is time we share our views with state legislators, with newspapers, and with our peers.  We all need to do our part to help the environment, and our lawmakers’ part is to pass and keep good laws.

The KS LOBBY CORPS establishes a corps of volunteer “legislative liaisons” who are committed to:

  • Keeping elected members of the state government informed about environmental, public health and sustainability challenges in the State of Kansas;
  • Advising officials on the most appropriate decisions, based on good science, good information and when available, on the Sierra Club’s official policy; and
  • Organizing constituent resistance to public policy which is inconsistent with principles of fairness and equity for all people.

The Goal – to expand the Club’s capacity to influence decision-making on environmental policy and provide leadership for member engagement in targeted efforts with State Legislators

Volunteers in this group would work directly or indirectly with elected officials in their home jurisdiction.  Their responsibilities will include:

  • Developing a personal relationship with the official and their staff (through such activities as attending public forums and introducing themselves, reading the official’s newsletters to keep up with particular interests, writing letters or making phone calls on issues or opportunities as needed and responding to their requests for information);
  • Participating in forums hosted by other organizations with similar interests to learn more about current events and issues and arranging for collaboration on common issues;
  • Sharing information with Zack the Lobbyist and other Sierra Club leaders as needed to maintain positive relationships with the elected official and others within the Sierra Club network of liaisons;
  • Organizing grassroots advocacy events that engage the official on issues prior to decision-making,

To participate in the KS Lobby Corps program, contact Zack or attend your Group meeting.

Your membership and support for the Kansas Sierra Club are needed now more than ever!

As always, thank you for being part of our Kansas Chapter of Sierra Club, for caring about our environment, and for reading my update.  We especially appreciate your support right now, in light of what’s happening in national politics with our new President.  Thank you for contributing to Kansas Sierra Club and a better world!  Please contact me if I can be of any help.

Your proud Kansas Lobbyist,

Zack Pistora, Legislative Director