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It is time for the KCC and Brownback to ACT on Kansas Earthquakes!

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to demand that the Kansas Corporation Commission and Gov. Brownback protect its citizens.  Here is the link:
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Vote “NO” on Proposed KS Constitutional Amendment about Wildlife

Vote “NO” on Proposed KS Constitutional Amendment about Wildlife from Elaine Giessel, Conservation Chair, Kansas Chapter Proposed Amendment §21. Right of public to hunt, fish and trap wildlife. The people have the right to hunt, fish and trap, including by the use of traditional metho
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Election Fundraisers October 7 and 9

We are rounding the corner and the finish line is in sight.  Your support is how we win and make a difference in Kansas.  Here is the info for our two Fundraisers… Our October 7 event is in Topeka.  Here are the details.  (October 9 in KC is below.  Scroll down) Details for Octo
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Upcoming PAC Events

This is a year giving us a special opportunity. With Brownback’s popularity in free fall, and the weirdness of Trump on the ballot, we have a great shot of making our legislature more effective. But, we enviros have to show we will will work hard for positive change. You canR
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Video Brings Tragedy of Kansas Fracking to Surface

This excellent video clip gives you an inside view into what’s happening to homeowners in Oklahoma and Kansas. Our own Southwind Group leader and Chapter ExCom member Lori Lawrence is an articulate spokesperson for these victims. In 2017 Kansas Sierra Club will continue pushing
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