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Farm and Food: Food, morality, farmers and fallacy – Lincoln Journal Star

Follow this link to see an article by Alan Guebert in the Lincoln Journal Star.
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Overuse is draining the Ogallala Aquifer – Kansas City Star Opinion

The author shares the Chapter’s concern about Governor Brownback’s plan to bring in more CAFOs By JULENE BAIR In his book “The Great Plains,” the historian Walter Prescott Web
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The Commercial TransCanada (the KXL pipeline folks) Doesn’t Want You to See!

What One Big Oil Company Doesn’t Want To Tell You About That Big Pipeline They Want To Build.  This video is satire, taking clips from a Keystone PR ad and interspersing clips of actual disasters caused by companies like theirs.  (view video below) By the way, you can join us this wee
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K-State professor leads group making recommendation on climate change mitigation

Here is the link to the article (also below) on the website WASHINGTON – The latest assessment of global climate change is out and scientists from around the world have recommended changes including some in agriculture, forestry and other land use designed to
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CEP ED Dorothy Barnett Talks Politics on Rachael Maddow

Rachel Maddow talks with Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director of the Climate and Energy Project, about the push by conservative allies against solar and other renewable energy in Oklahoma. Here is the link to the interview: Great job to Dorothy and all who
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