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Ranchers perspective: Note fatal accident on Turnpike in 1994; An 11 car pile-up occurred last year, posted on this page.

SOUTH OF THE BAZAAR CATTLE PENS — This time of year, Bobbie Hammond is one of those no-nonsense Flint Hills ranchers who whizzes around on an ATV with flames and smoke trailing. Hammond’s ATV buzzes like a bee down draws, along fence lines and across rolling prairie. Read more h
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Wichita Eagle Editorial on a better way to burn

Ranchers deserve praise for preserving the Flint Hills prairie. But it is good that Kansas State University researchers are studying whether there are burn practices that work for ranchers but are better for the environment. As K-State biologist Lance McNew noted in the Sunday Eagle,
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See illustration of the concentration of fires on April 6, 2011

The image below is an illustration of the fires recorded on April 6, 2011, showing the concentration of prairie fires in Kansas.
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March 25 smoke in Wichita

The smoke that filled the skies over Wichita on March 24 and 25 may have been a fluke. Or the smoke might signal that more needs to be done to keep our air clean.
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Harpooning Mother Earth and The Paradigm Shift

On December 16 of 2010, a little over a month ago, what we all worked so hard to prevent, happened (not that we’re giving up now).  On that day the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) granted a permit to Sunflower Electric to build a coal plant near Holcomb, Kansas.  In
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