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Spring Brings Out The Green – It’s Time To Pitch In!

The Kanza Group is in need of volunteers for Earth Day celebrations and other Spring Green activities. The Sierra Club has numerous opportunities to meet the public and talk about the critical work we are doing to protect the Kansas environment.  We have victories to celebrate and a l
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Are new coal plants Kansas’ only source of electricity?

By DUANE SCHRAG Salina Journal When the state of Kansas said last year that it would not approve a pair of new coal-fired power plants in Holcomb, it set off a chorus of objections and dire predictions. One argument went like this: If the power plants are not built, much-needed transm
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Testimony of Johannes Feddema PhD to House Energy & Natural Resources Committee

Testimony of Johannes Feddema PhD, Geography Department of Kansas University, to Kansas House Energy & Natural Resources committee, Feb. 6, 2008. A MUST READ.FeddemaTestimony
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CO2 Sequestration by Algae Reactors By Tim Liebert.

Calling it unproven technology understates its problems Considerable hype surrounds the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using the carbon dioxide in stack gases to produce algae. Such schemes would remove the CO2 from stack gases, bubble these gases through ponds or tub
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Consultants: Coal-Fired Power ‘Imprudent’ Investment

TOPEKA – Building new coal-fired electric plants is a shaky proposition in light of today’s skyrocketing construction costs and the likelihood Congress will cap emissions, say energy consultants on a speaking tour in Kansas this week. Power industry analysts with the Cambr
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