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Where Climate Protection Is Concerned, Every Day Matters

If reducing its green house gas (GHG) emissions is a passion of the Lawrence City Commission, then why has so little been done to develop the city’s promised climate protection program?  It’s been two years since Mayor Boog Highberger signed the Mayoral Agreement for Climate Protectio
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Holcomb Expansion Not Needed for Wind Power Transmission Lines

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Carey Maynard-Moody Testimony Supporting Climate Protection Task Force

My name is Carey Maynard-Moody and I am chair of the Wakarusa Group KS Chapter Sierra Club.  I am also coordinator of the KS Chapter Sierra Club Cool City campaign.  I speak to you on behalf of these entities tonight re the matter of a mayoral appointed climate protection task force.
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Freeing The Grid – 2007. A great study on net metering laws.

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Kansas in Global Warming Crosshairs in Future

If you think Kansas summers are brutal now, look at what our grandchildren & great-grandchildren will face in the summer of 2090! Kansas is in the cross hairs of global warming. The International Panel on Climate Change projects an increase in average summer temperatures of 4 degr
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