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Kansas Wind Power Brochure Article

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Sample Wind “Letter to the Editor”

Dear Editor: Evidence of global warming bombards us each day: glaciers all over the globe melting, stronger storms, six of the earth’s hottest years since 1860 occurring in the last eight years, and so on. The scientific community is now virtually unanimous in their conclusion t
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Map for Kansas Wind Potential

Wind Map
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Citizens Ask State to Factor in Global Warming to Coal Plant Decision

Last month the Supreme Court in the landmark case Massachusetts v. EPA, ruled that carbon dioxide and other global warming pollutants are regulated under the Clean Air Act. The Court also ruled that the EPA cannot refuse to regulate these pollutants for political reasons. In the first
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Cooling the Mall, Heating the Planet

Over the past half century, a handful of inventions have reshaped American life. Topping the list are television, passenger jets, computers and — humming in the background — air conditioning. To step from a sizzling parking lot into a cool, low-humidity shopping mall is to
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