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Shopping For an Energy Efficient TV

TV watching is expected to increase with technologies such as DVD players and video games.  With this increasing trend, it’s important to determine what types of TVs are the most energy efficient.  One may assume the Blue Energy Star label, issued by the U.S. EPA and DOE, is a compreh
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Sierra Club Honored with David Garcia Award at 13th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards

The Missouri Chapter played the lead role in the negotiation of the KCP&L agreement.  The Kansas Chapter played a significant supporting role. Bridging The Gap (BTG) hosted its 13th annual Environmental Excellence Awards ceremony Wednesday night at the downtown Kansas City Public
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Jim Hansen PowerPoint “The Threat to the Planet”

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We must bury the hatchet and work together to insure Kansas benefits from the economic opportunities of renewable energy!!

It’s Time for Kansas to Get Serious About Wind Power Demand that your Legislator Use Their Leadership and Do What’s Right! It’s time to get MAD and not take it any more. Now that the Sunflower/Holcomb coal plant is stopped, we must join together and do what is right
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An Open Letter to the People of Kansas from Governor Kathleen Sebelius

For immediate release: Nicole Corcoran, Press Secretary October 25, 2007 785.368.8500 Of all the duties and responsibilities entrusted to me as Governor, none is greater than my obligation to protect the health and well-being of the people of Kansas. And that is why, after months of c
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