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Shift to CFLs Could Close 270 Power Plants

Worldwide Shift from Incandescents to Compact Fluorescents Could Close 270 Coal-Fired Power Plants On February 20, 2007, Australia announced it would phase out the sale of inefficient incandescent light bulbs by 2010, replacing them with highly efficient compact fluorescent bulbs that
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2007 Legislature: Little Progress on Global Warming

The Kansas Legislature began on January 8, 2007.  The last day of the session was April 3.  On April 25th the legislature reconvened for the veto/omnibus bill session and lasted until May 2nd.  The 2007 legislative session will officially end with sine die on May 22nd.  Typically sine
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New Developments on Sunflower Electric’s Holcomb Expansion–Permit Decision Still Pending

As this article goes to press the permit application for Sunflower Electric’s huge coal plant expansion is still pending.  However several new developments have the potential to change the outcome of the proceedings. Club files suit.  The Sierra club has filed a motion in state
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The Owl and the Oak: The Climate Change Novel

A note from the author:  This novel is a part of my grassroots outreach to effect cultural change.  In it I attempt to bring human scale and sense to this overwhelming and complex issue, taking it out of the realm of policy wonks and political partisans and into the hands of the publi
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KCC Hearing on Westar Gas Fired Power Plant

The KCC held a public hearing on the proposed Westar 300MW gas fired power plant in Emporia on April 30th.  This plant is touted to be peak load backup facility which the Sierra Club feels might be a proper facility to smooth out the ebbs and flows of wind power generation.  Westar ha
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