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Green Tags Provide Renewable Energy Option

A Primer on Green Tags Through the recent State of the Union Address, we have now all been officially informed of something that many Americans have accepted as a fact for years – the US is dependent on fossil fuels.  Thanks for the newsflash Mr. President.  Now what can we do about i
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Big Electric Utilities Team Up to Oppose Community Wind Bill

The state of Kansas missed another opportunity to support and stimulate renewable energy development when big electric utilities successfully opposed House Bill 2636. About the Bill HB 2636 was recommended by the Special Joint Committee on Energy and sponsored by Tom Sloan, member of
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A Night on the Town

It was in the lower 20’s with a wind speed of 30mph.  A small band of Sierra Club members braved the cold to meet at a restaurant, BuffetCity, in Wichita.  Every month, the Southwind Group met at a different restaurant to socialize and try various cuisines. In January, eight members m
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Too many homes on the range

I’ve been herding cattle amidst trophy homes in the nation’s fastest growing county. Our family leases grass on the south edge of Denver, and we’re helping to keep urban sprawl from claiming one more patch of rural America. Nationwide, urban areas are sprouting extreme suburbs —
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Fundraising for New Energy Campaigns

Elaine Giessel and I were Kansas delegates to the Southern Plains Regional staff planning meeting in Austin, Texas the first weekend of December.  Not only was it pleasant weather — 78° in Austin versus Kansas’ 16°, it was pleasant to meet and to discuss the Region’s efforts at
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