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Voice of the Kansas Sierra Club

Sierra Club Endorses Obama for President Joins United Steelworkers in Call for Clean Energy Future

Cleveland, OH: With a giant wind turbine representing America’s clean energy future as a backdrop, the Sierra Club and United Steelworkers today jointly endorsed Barack Obama as the change America needs. Carl Pope, the Executive Director of the Sierra Club, America’s largest grassroot
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Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) Have No Science to Stand On

First published Friday, September 19, 2008 in the Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune By today’s standards, my FFA – then Future Farmers of America – project wasn’t much: 12 hogs (or 4.2 “animal units” by the reckoning of the federal government). Even with that small
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Spiritually Sustainable Shadowcliff

Although there were symbols of various faiths throughout Shadowcliff, meeting in the chapel and looking at the Rocky Mountains through the window added a spiritual quality to the discussion of sustainability and climate change.  After introductions and orientation, the Laws of Nature
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Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Green to Go Veggie

What we choose to eat is one of the most significant factors in the personal impact we have on the environment and the fastest path to climate change. A recent study, examining the impact of a typical week’s eating, showed that plant-based diets are better for the environment th
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2008 Community Forum on Kansas Environmental Issues

The 7th annual Community Forum on Kansas Environmental Issues sponsored by Kansas Natural Resource Council and the Prairie Village Environmental Committee and hosted by the Environmental Action Committee of Village Presbyterian Church, will be held: Thursday, October 9 Village Presbyt
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