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Topeka Group Praises Shawnee County’s Efforts To Become A “Cool County”

While the City of Topeka has been “cool” since 2004, Shawnee County may be cooler still with a planned Facilities Conservation Improvement Program (FCIP) of 7.5 million dollars of energy saving improvements to three county buildings.  FCIP was first undertaken by the Kansas Energy Off
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Rush to Ethanol – Not All Biofuels Are Created Equal EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Rising oil prices, energy security, and global warming concerns have all contributed to the current hype over biofuels. With both prices and demand for oil likely to continue to increase, biofuels are being presented as the way to curb greenhouse gas emissions and to develop homegrown
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An Analysis of Governor Sebelius’ Wind Power Goals

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Shift to CFLs Could Close 270 Power Plants

Worldwide Shift from Incandescents to Compact Fluorescents Could Close 270 Coal-Fired Power Plants On February 20, 2007, Australia announced it would phase out the sale of inefficient incandescent light bulbs by 2010, replacing them with highly efficient compact fluorescent bulbs that
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