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Voice of the Kansas Sierra Club

Kansas Legislative Wrap Up

This report contains the status of various bills supported or opposed by the Kansas Chapter of Sierra Club at final adjournment of the 2005 Kansas legislative session.  Many thanks to the members of the Kansas Sierra Club legislative “tree” for contacting their legislators during the
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Biting the land that feeds us

I am a rancher. I live on the land I grew up on, in the house my father built for us. For more than 25 years, I have tended descendants of the same cows my parents bought when they married 64 years ago. I am also a licensed professional engineer. I hold an advanced degree in agricultu
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Sierra Club Asks KCC to Open Data on KCP&L Rate Hike

The following is a press release from the Kansas Chapter of the Sierra Club, May 11, 2005   The Kansas Chapter of the Sierra Club filed yesterday a challenge to the Kansas Corporation Commission’s grant of confidentiality for certain key data submitted with KCP&L’
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Kansas Governor Signs Bill Creating Transmission Authority

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius on Monday signed into law a measure (HB 2263) that will create an electric transmission authority for the Midwest state. The move follows similar efforts to set up such authorities in a number of other states, including the Dakotas (see Power Market Today
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What Ever Happened to Senate Bill 204?

In 2001, the issue of when is a stream not a stream in Kansas came to the fore as a result of the state’s obligation to provide the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a list of designated uses for its streams.  Once a stream is classified as a stream, its uses can be designate
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