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Legislative Report Without Holcomb

As I write this, I am awaiting sine die, the official and usually ceremonial last day of the legislature, to see what the legislature would do with the Governor’s veto of Senate Substitute for HB 2412.  There was, however, other environmental activity in the legislature this past year
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The Lid on Coal’s Coffin Stays On.

Sometimes in cartoons, characters play a game where a gopher pokes his head out of a hole and the character tries to bang the gopher on the head with a bat before it goes back down the hole.  There are several holes so the character must keep watching to see where it will come up next
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Governor Sebelius proclaims Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month!

Governor Kathleen Sebelius has proclaimed June as Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month!  The Governor’s proclamation urges all citizens to join in the observance of Kansas Native Plant Appreciation Month by enjoying, appreciating, and celebrating our floral diversity and takin
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We did it!  Or at least at this writing, before official adjournment of the 2008 Legislature, it appears the Governor will veto the so-called “Economic Stimulus” and Holcomb coal-fired power plant expansion.  Moreover, the votes in the House of Representatives may be there to sustain
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Clean Energy Day II a ‘Smashing Success!’

In the words of our lobbyist, Tom Thompson, Clean Energy Day II was a ‘smashing success!’  On March 19, hundreds of Kansans gathered at the statehouse to ask for a clean vote on clean energy.  This phrase means a vote on true, effective renewable energy policy, as opposed to votes on
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