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Kansas Chapter Members Appear at KDHE Hearing on Proposed Sunflower Plant

It has been a busy September and October for all of us who care about the environment.  Thanks to the leadership of the Kansas Sierra Club, we in Topeka have been able to also be engaged and participate in a small way in the effort.  Our Topeka Cool Cities endeavor seems to be stalled
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KCC Investigates Energy Efficiency Programs

On September 11th of this year, the Kansas Corporation Commission opened an investigation on the possibility of requiring utilities in the state of implementing some sort of energy efficiency programs for their customers.  This came at the behest of the Sierra Club who in an earlier p
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A look back while looking forward as I leave Kansas for Nevada

It was with mixed emotions that I informed Bill Griffith, Kansas Chapter Chair, on November 11 that I had been offered, and had accepted, a position as Director of the Nevada office of Western Resource Advocates (WRA), effective January 1, 2007.  I will be based in Carson City, Nevada
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Flint Hills Burning Proposed for Clean Air Act Exemption

The wholesale annual burning of rangeland in the Flint Hills is causing exceedances of the ozone smog air quality standard in the major urban areas of Kansas.  This is becoming an even more serious problem because the USEPA is proposing to lower the ozone air quality standard this yea
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KEC’s Baby Steps for Wind Power

The Kansas Energy Council, a group that advises the governor on energy policy, has put forth a plan for the development of wind power in Kansas.  The proposal, which would require enabling legislation, would allow the Kansas Corporation Commission to consider the intangible benefits a
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