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Organic Way Farm Tour

The Organic Way Farm is located just southeast of Nevada, Missouri near the small town of Montevallo.  The 52 acre farm has a beautiful mix of cultivated land, pasture and forest with many native plants and trees.  The creek that runs through the forest has the original well built for
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Kansas Energy Council – Energy Efficiency Representative

My experience, research and knowledge of Kansas tells me that we have very significant untapped potential to use energy more efficiently, to conserve and extend the life of increasingly scarce energy resources, to reap economic and environmental benefits in the process, and provide be
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Eastern Kansas Farmer Produces Organic Whole Grain & Flours

It’s not easy being an organic row crop farmer these days with genetically engineered  pollen flying around.  But Lee Quaintance does it, along with his wife, Cindy and their son, Nathan, 6, on their 300 acre Soaring Eagle Farms operation near Edgerton, KS in JohnsonCounty.  To avoid
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Chapter Intervenes In Utility Rate Cases

The Kansas Chapter has formally intervened in three dockets before the Kansas Corporation Commission.  Two of these are rate increase requests from Aquila and KCPL.  The other is a generic docket which is considering energy efficiency and the role of utilities and the KCC in regards t
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Kansas needs a new politics

We’ve now had many months to consider the question posed by the title of Thomas Frank’s best-selling book, “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” But his investigation of why middle America votes against its own economic interests, while compelling, only scratches the surface. As in most of
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