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Citizens Ask State to Factor in Global Warming to Coal Plant Decision

Last month the Supreme Court in the landmark case Massachusetts v. EPA, ruled that carbon dioxide and other global warming pollutants are regulated under the Clean Air Act. The Court also ruled that the EPA cannot refuse to regulate these pollutants for political reasons. In the first
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Cooling the Mall, Heating the Planet

Over the past half century, a handful of inventions have reshaped American life. Topping the list are television, passenger jets, computers and — humming in the background — air conditioning. To step from a sizzling parking lot into a cool, low-humidity shopping mall is to
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The Biofuel Illusion

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the promise of biofuels — liquid fuels like ethanol and biodiesel made from plants — to reduce our dependence on oil.  Even President Bush beat the biofuel drum in his last State of the Union speech. Fuel from plants?  Sounds pretty
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Southwind’s Annual Picnic and Walk With Wildlife

On June 9 at the ChisholmCreekPark shelter some 25 Southwind Sierrans gathered for the annual picnic that is held in lieu of a June program. To accompany the barbequed beef and chicken, those attending brought a variety of dishes and no one left hungry.  Margaret and Paul Miller were
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What’s Going On With Rising Energy Prices?

Just seven years ago, U.S. gasoline prices were not much over $1 a gallon. As of this writing, the national average price for regular unleaded is pushing $3 a gallon according to the AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report ( While some claim this is due to gouging
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