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The Owl and the Oak: The Climate Change Novel

A note from the author:  This novel is a part of my grassroots outreach to effect cultural change.  In it I attempt to bring human scale and sense to this overwhelming and complex issue, taking it out of the realm of policy wonks and political partisans and into the hands of the publi
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KCC Hearing on Westar Gas Fired Power Plant

The KCC held a public hearing on the proposed Westar 300MW gas fired power plant in Emporia on April 30th.  This plant is touted to be peak load backup facility which the Sierra Club feels might be a proper facility to smooth out the ebbs and flows of wind power generation.  Westar ha
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Legislative Talk Needs Legislative Action

I am writing this article when there are 2 weeks and 2 days left in the Kansas legislative session.  By the time you read this, the session will likely be over.  There has been a lot of talk by Kansas’ leaders this year indicating that there is a need for cleaner sources of energy.  T
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Topeka “Cool Cities” Efforts To Be Lauded

Topeka was the first city in Kansas to become a CoolCity, when former Mayor James McClinton issued a proclamation designed to implement this goal in December 2004. During the past year, the Topeka Group’s Political Chair, Phil Morse, has been actively working with Topeka City Manager
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KCP&L Agrees to Offset Global Warming Emissions

In a ground-breaking agreement that can serve as a model for collaborative efforts to combat global warming, the Sierra Club, the Concerned Citizens of Platte County, Mo (CCPC), and Kansas City Power & Light Company reached a settlement of litigation surrounding KCP&L’s constr
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