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Too many homes on the range

I’ve been herding cattle amidst trophy homes in the nation’s fastest growing county. Our family leases grass on the south edge of Denver, and we’re helping to keep urban sprawl from claiming one more patch of rural America. Nationwide, urban areas are sprouting extreme suburbs —
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Fundraising for New Energy Campaigns

Elaine Giessel and I were Kansas delegates to the Southern Plains Regional staff planning meeting in Austin, Texas the first weekend of December.  Not only was it pleasant weather — 78° in Austin versus Kansas’ 16°, it was pleasant to meet and to discuss the Region’s efforts at
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Sierra Club Outings: Natural cures for the “Winter Blues”

One of the things I like about living in the Midwest is the four distinct seasons we have. One can visit the same location during each season and it will have a completely different look. It’s fun to get outside and enjoy each of the seasons, but it is more difficult to do so during t
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Chapter Intervenes in KCC Electricity Rate Proceedings

The effects of climate change are becoming very serious worldwide.  As a result the Kansas Chapter has developed a policy to oppose any new coal fired power plant proposed in the state and to push for energy conservation and the use of renewable energy, particularly wind power from ce
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Kansas Select Legislative Committee on Energy Makes Recommendations to 2006 Kansas Legislature

A “Select Committee on Energy”, composed of ten state legislators, met for five days at the state capitol in December and January to study: The current economic situation as it pertains to energy including pricing, distribution, production capacity, utilization, and tax policy on gaso
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