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What’s Going On With Rising Energy Prices?

Just seven years ago, U.S. gasoline prices were not much over $1 a gallon. As of this writing, the national average price for regular unleaded is pushing $3 a gallon according to the AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report ( While some claim this is due to gouging
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Sierra Club Releases Wind Study for Kansas

The Kansas Chapter of the Sierra Club releases a wind study validating the effectiveness of wind in Kansas, proving to skeptics its value. From the press release of July 17, 1006… “Wind farms in central and western Kansas would have substantially helped to meet high electr
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Editorial: Cool Cities Can Help Save Planet

Nothing threatens the future of our planet, the security of our nation or the health of our air, water and wildlands more than the way we produce and consume energy. And as pollution from fossil fuels — such as oil, coal and natural gas — causes global temperatures to rise
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Earth Day was celebrated in style by 20 members of the Topeka Group, who showed up at 7:00 a.m. on a sunny Saturday for a clean up effort on I-70 west of Topeka.  The group has agreed to remove trash on two miles of highway right-of-way three times a year under the Kansas Department o
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Al Gore’s Movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”, Comes To Kansas City

“I’m Al Gore.  I used to the the next president of the United States.”  So begins the new film by Davis Guggenheim, which according to a news release by the Sundance Film Festival is an elegant multimedia lecture where Gore indisputably correlates CO2 emissions with exponentially risi
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