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Members Needed for the Energy Committee!!

Energy policy in the U.S. has vaulted to a prominent spot in state and federal political and economic debates for many reasons.  First, energy production generates significant forms of pollution including mercury, ozone, particulates, and green house gases.  Second, securing energy re
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Mercury Threat from New Kansas Coal Plants

Electric Power Producers in Kansas are planning to add some 3000 megawatts of new coal burning capacity by 2012.  In addition KCP&L has recently received a permit (being appealed) to add 1050 MW in coal burning capacity at their Iatan site just north of the KC metro area near West
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Global Warming is real. The urgency of the global warming problem can no longer be denied. It could be a matter of life and death for our children and grandchildren. We can do something about it before it’s too late. The quickest and least costly way to address the problem is to
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Perry Lake Trail Update

Hello, All.  I want to provide a quick update on the latest happenings at Perry.  Please share with others, as we’re looking forward to increased trail usage this year with the many improvements being put in place. * New Trail Access.  The reroute of Section 4 near the Ferguson
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Farm bills aren’t just for farmers

Someone once said federal farm bills should be called food bills, because they affect all Americans, not just farmers. The present farm bill expires in 2007, so talk has already begun on where to go from here. Fundamental change is needed. We need to loosen the corporate grip on agric
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