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Perry Lake Trail Update

Hello, All.  I want to provide a quick update on the latest happenings at Perry.  Please share with others, as we’re looking forward to increased trail usage this year with the many improvements being put in place. * New Trail Access.  The reroute of Section 4 near the Ferguson
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Farm bills aren’t just for farmers

Someone once said federal farm bills should be called food bills, because they affect all Americans, not just farmers. The present farm bill expires in 2007, so talk has already begun on where to go from here. Fundamental change is needed. We need to loosen the corporate grip on agric
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Chapter Announces Comprehensive Policy to Protect Flint Hills

Over the past several years proposals to install wind turbines in the Flint Hills have generated considerable controversy.  The Kansas Chapter, in a published policy statement, declined to take a position on individual wind farm proposals anywhere in the state, which is a national pol
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Celebrate Kansas City EarthFest in the Park!

Kansas City area residents are cordially invited to come to the Kansas City EarthFest 2008 to celebrate Earth Day.  This very special event will be held on Saturday, April 19th from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM at The Theatre in the Park, located in the northeast corner of ShawneeMissionPark,
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Green Tags Provide Renewable Energy Option

A Primer on Green Tags Through the recent State of the Union Address, we have now all been officially informed of something that many Americans have accepted as a fact for years – the US is dependent on fossil fuels.  Thanks for the newsflash Mr. President.  Now what can we do about i
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