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2008 Community Forum on Kansas Environmental Issues

The 7th annual Community Forum on Kansas Environmental Issues sponsored by Kansas Natural Resource Council and the Prairie Village Environmental Committee and hosted by the Environmental Action Committee of Village Presbyterian Church, will be held: Thursday, October 9 Village Presbyt
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T. Boone and Me

Sweetwater, TX — Sweetwater was once known for hosting the world’s largest rattlesnake “roundup” — 12,000 reptiles every year.  Now it calls itself “the world’s wind capital” and, by the end of the year, turbines there will be pumping ou
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Kansas Utility Customers Yet To Enjoy Energy Star KCP&L Rebates

Terry Wiggins was already committed to upgrading the insulation in her home, so it was a pleasant surprise to learn that she could get a professional energy audit for free to help her determine the biggest insulating priorities. “I haven’t gone through a winter with the improvements y
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Conference Offers Expanded Format

Four dollar gasoline, $130+ oil, $10 natural gas, concerns over global warming and climate change keeps energy at the forefront of most Kansas citizens’ minds. The 9th Annual Kansas Wind & Renewable Energy Conference, scheduled for Sept. 23-24 in Topeka, will allow citizens and or
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Please Thank the Governor and Legislators

Dear Sierra Club Member, Thank You!  Thank You! Thank You! Your outstanding efforts and advocacy for clean energy paid off!! We have stopped dirty coal in the legislature!!  The legislature officially ended on May 29 and there was no attempt to override Governor Sebelius’ veto o
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