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Turn off the spigots

It is no mystery why Great Plains farmers irrigate.  My farming father and grandfathers struggled against the weather odds in our dry western end of Kansas their whole lives.  It seldom rained enough, and each year they took a gut-wrenching gamble planting their wheat. In the late 196
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Oil companies discover ‘sustainability’

Sustainability is big in corporate America today.  The word, that is.  Once an arcane term used chiefly by foresters and agricultural researchers, “sustainable” has become the label of choice that executives use to describe their businesses. Perhaps the most laughable of the newly “su
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Celebrating Juneteenth

Building Community Relations in Kansas City and World Wide On Saturday, June 18, Sierra Club’s Kanza Group members Tom Thompson and Elaine Giessel, with her daughter Rachel, tabled at the NAACP’s 6th annual Juneteenth celebration at Quindaro Park in Kansas City, Kansas. Funds fo
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KCP&L Hasn’t Made Case for Coal Plant

Kansas City Power and Light Co. spent the past year putting on workshops for big power customers and community players in hopes of gaining a consensus for their latest long range energy plan.  KCP&L serves a large portion of the Kansas City metro area.  The local environmental and
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Camping in the Ozark National Forest

On a sunny spring Friday last April my husband and I bucked the system, pulled our three young kids out of school and headed down Ozark way to join twelve other Sierrans for the Club’s annual Blanchard Springs campout.  This was our family’s first-ever outing with the good folks from
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