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Freeing The Grid – 2007. A great study on net metering laws.

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Kansas in Global Warming Crosshairs in Future

If you think Kansas summers are brutal now, look at what our grandchildren & great-grandchildren will face in the summer of 2090! Kansas is in the cross hairs of global warming. The International Panel on Climate Change projects an increase in average summer temperatures of 4 degr
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KDHE Secretary Denies Permit for Holcomb Coal Plant

The Secretary of the KDHE has denied the permit for Sunflower Electric Power Company’s 1400 MW coal plant expansion at Holcomb.  The Secretary based his decision on grounds that the 11 million tons of carbon dioxide- heat trapping gases emitted by Holcomb would add significantly
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Midwest Governors Pledge Bold Action to Fight Warming

Madison, Wisc.–Following a two-day summit on Climate Change and Energy Security hosted by Gov. Jim Doyle (D-WI) and Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), ten Midwestern leaders signed the Midwest Regional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord.  States signing the accord were Wisconsin, Minnesota,
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Top Ten Reasons to be a Climate Change Skeptic (and Counter Arguments)

What are some of the reasons why “climate skeptics” dispute the evidence that human activities such as industrial emissions of greenhouse gases and deforestation are bringing potentially dangerous changes to the Earth’s climate?   As the Intergovernmental Panel
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