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Topeka Group Plans 2007 Programs

The Topeka Group executive committee (ExCom) met on December 12, 2006, to plan for programs and activities for 2007.  Program ideas for the general membership meetings were many, and after much discussion, the ExCom decided on eleven monthly programs for this coming year.  Not all spe
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Bill Griffith Steps Down as Chapter Chair

  Well, fellow Clubbers, as you read this I have completed my third and final year as your Kansas Chapter Chairman.  Quoting my favorite song I am going to go “Off into the sunset like the western heroes do (or the Monty Python Knight).”  Actually I am stepping down from the Chap
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The Rush to Ethanol: Not All Biofuels are Created Equal

The full report can be found here RushToEthanol-Brochure
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Wanted Change? Let’s Hope.

In the last issue of the Planet Kansas I wrote the article “Want Change?  Go Vote!”  The question now becomes did we get change on November 7th.  The political answer is yes and no.  Only time will answer this question for certain What did stay the same?  Kathleen Sebelius remains as
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Huge Crowd attends Third KDHE Hearing on Holcomb Expansion

The Chapter’s request for an extra evening hearing on the huge Holcomb, Kansas, coal-fired power plant expansion paid off when over 300 people attended in Lawrence on Nov.  16.  So many people arrived that KDHE had to quickly arrange to pipe in testimony to an adjacent room, in
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