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LEEDS For Green Design

The media tells us the bad news about the impact humans are having on our planet. The building industry has played a major role in this global decline. Consider the impact of buildings: 65.2% of total U.S. electricity consumption 30% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 136 million
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Chimney Swifts’ Tower

November 5th was a day with a lot of action in Lawrence.  On campus, the goal posts came down as jubilant students celebrated KU’s first football victory over Nebraska in 36 years.  South of town, something even better was going up.  The Wakarusa Group gathered in the Baker Wetlands a
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No Joke, It’s the Timing

Jack Benny, George Burns, George Carlin, Steve Martin, and other great comedians all understand the importance of great timing to their success.  Bill Gates has admitted the part that timing played in the success of Microsoft.  Now, finally, environmentalists and business interests ca
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What Part of "Global Warming" Do We Not Get?

Forget about the hurricanes.  Put them out of your mind.  We’ll never know for sure that any particular hurricane is caused by global warming, so just don’t think about them.  Instead, concentrate on the other evidence for climate change that’s appeared recently: In
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KC’s Bad Air Returns

Kansas City enjoyed relatively clean air in 2004 when we enjoyed one of the coolest summers in a decade.  But this year, when we had a typical hot summer, KC’s bad air came back with a vengeance.  Monitors in Mid America Regional Council’s eight-county ozone maintenance area recorded
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