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What Part of "Global Warming" Do We Not Get?

Forget about the hurricanes.  Put them out of your mind.  We’ll never know for sure that any particular hurricane is caused by global warming, so just don’t think about them.  Instead, concentrate on the other evidence for climate change that’s appeared recently: In
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KC’s Bad Air Returns

Kansas City enjoyed relatively clean air in 2004 when we enjoyed one of the coolest summers in a decade.  But this year, when we had a typical hot summer, KC’s bad air came back with a vengeance.  Monitors in Mid America Regional Council’s eight-county ozone maintenance area recorded
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Clean Renewable Energy: It’s Our Turn to Lead

We live in a world of “smoke and mirrors” energy policy perpetuated by self-serving politicians and regulators, opportunistic energy and utility corporations, a complicit media, and a largely disinterested public.  It seems to be a system that supports the avoidance of the truth.  Pol
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Where’s the Beef From?

Living in the Rocky Mountain West, I am used to breathtaking views. None takes my breath away as much as a 150,000-cow feedlot in southern Idaho. Even before I see it from the road, its stench overpowers me. Then I crest the hill and cattle in bleak pens sprawl to the horizon. It is a
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The End of Cheap Oil

At the end of the 18th century, Thomas Malthus predicted population growth would outpace food production, resulting in widespread starvation.  But within 50 years the industrial revolution was in full swing in England, powered by coal-fired steam engines.  In 1866, in Clarion County,
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