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Chapter Intervenes In Utility Rate Cases

The Kansas Chapter has formally intervened in three dockets before the Kansas Corporation Commission.  Two of these are rate increase requests from Aquila and KCPL.  The other is a generic docket which is considering energy efficiency and the role of utilities and the KCC in regards t
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Kansas needs a new politics

We’ve now had many months to consider the question posed by the title of Thomas Frank’s best-selling book, “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” But his investigation of why middle America votes against its own economic interests, while compelling, only scratches the surface. As in most of
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HB 2263, supported by the Kansas Sierra Club, would do two things:

Create the Kansas Electric Transmission Authority that would build electric transmission lines, whose need has been identified by a regional electric transmission authority (i.e., the Southwest Power Pool) or for the purposes of economic development (i.e., bringing money into western
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Kansas Legislative Wrap Up

This report contains the status of various bills supported or opposed by the Kansas Chapter of Sierra Club at final adjournment of the 2005 Kansas legislative session.  Many thanks to the members of the Kansas Sierra Club legislative “tree” for contacting their legislators during the
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Biting the land that feeds us

I am a rancher. I live on the land I grew up on, in the house my father built for us. For more than 25 years, I have tended descendants of the same cows my parents bought when they married 64 years ago. I am also a licensed professional engineer. I hold an advanced degree in agricultu
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