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KDOT K-10 Study Comes Up Short

I would like to comment upon your Department’s K-10 Transportation Study as presented in November in DeSoto.   I am writing on behalf of the over 700 members of the Wakarusa Group of the Sierra Club. We appreciate your recommendation to begin planning a bus service along K-10.  Mass t
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Food and the Climate Crisis: What You Eat Affects the Sky

The typical American diet creates nearly as much carbon dioxide as the typical car! But it’s easy switch to a climate-friendly way of eating. Learn more at By Mike Tidwell (Mike Tidwell is director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network in Takoma Park
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Kansas Chapter PAC a Huge Success

The Kansas Sierra Club’s Political Action Committee raised $8,367 this year for state legislative races. This is far and away the most ever raised by the chapter for political races.  This was due to 61 grassroot volunteers who used a PAC coupon booklet or simply donated money f
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Chapter to Promote Wind Power in ‘05 Legislature

The Kansas Chapter is launching a campaign to promote both energy efficiency and wind power in Kansas.  Our slogan will be Energy Leadership and Clean Air in Kansas.  One of our first actions is to promote wind power in the upcoming legislative session.  .   Kansas has become a n
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High Plains Ogallala aquifer

Too many users and too little water.  Here are some solutions.   Seven of the 13 water projects are focused on the High Plains aquifer region. The aquifer is the source of water critical to the economic and social well-being of western Kansas.  The state’s past policies that fost
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