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Video Brings Tragedy of Kansas Fracking to Surface

This excellent video clip gives you an inside view into what’s happening to homeowners in Oklahoma and Kansas. Our own Southwind Group leader and Chapter ExCom member Lori Lawrence is an articulate spokesperson for these victims. In 2017 Kansas Sierra Club will continue pushing
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Kansas Sierra Club Candidate Endorsements

The Kansas Sierra Club has just completed their endorsements of candidates!! You can find our endorsed candidates here.  We want you to know how committed they are to clean, renewable energy, preserving wildlife, and ensuring that water and air won’t be threatened by Koch-supported po
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Reward yourself and help support the Kansas Chapter!

Apply and use a Sierra Club Visa® Platinum credit card account and get real rewards comparable to other major credit cards while helping support the Kansas Chapter’s work in our local community. Plus you’ll get great benefits such as: No annual fee and 0% introductory APR on pur
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Range Management Practices Are Biggest Threat to Grassland Birds

Range Management Practices are Biggest Threat to Grassland Birds By Craig Volland and Ellie Skokan Recent studies published by Kansas State University (KSU) biologists identified intensive burning and grazing practices as the biggest threat to grassland birds in the Flint Hills and Sm
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“Burn, Prairie, Burn,” say KSU Researchers [1]

“Burn, Prairie, Burn” say KSU Researchers [1] A Critique by Craig Volland and Ellie Skokan find references here Introduction In a journal article[1] published in July, researchers at the Konza Prairie Biological Station (KPBS) warned that a large increase in burning of ran
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