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Michael Brune: That Which Doesn’t Kill Us…

That Which Doesn’t Kill Us… By Michael Brune Executive Director, Sierra Club Yes, the election hurt. We feared it would be bad — and it was worse. By now we’ve all heard the Wednesday-morning quarterback analyses of how and why the Democratic Party gave up cont
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‘Extinction is forever!’ Don’t Let Politics Trump Science in Kansas

Bob Sommer, Director of Development Kansas Sierra Club Don’t Let Politics Trump Science in Kansas “I absolutely hate snakes. They are all killers, as far as I am concerned, because any one of them could give me a heart attack. However, I believe we need to stand up for all
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Green World Rising – Very Important Video

Want to get excited about the future… our energy future?  Carve out 10 minutes of your busy life and watch this important video narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.  Put this in your mind’s eye.  Let’s make this future the one our grandchildren live in. Craig Wolfe, Commun
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Millennials could make a difference on climate, if they voted – Grist

By Liz Core 28 Oct 2014 7:07 PM First, the good news: Young people care more about reducing carbon emissions than older Americans. And now, the bad: They are also much less likely to show up at the voting booth. D’oh! Here’s how the age gap plays out in a recent survey from the Univer
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Fracking pollution just went airborne – Grist

By Madeleine Thomas From contaminated groundwater to polytechnic displays at the kitchen faucet, most of the major concerns around fracking have centered around how fracking fluids and methane could be polluting our water supply. But we’ve started to suspect that fracking impacts the
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