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Chris Hayes – All In on MSNBC explain new China deal on climate change – Video

Two important videos that do a great job of explaining the new deal with climate change, how this debunks the GOP argument against climate change, the inside story from the white house, and Josh Fox from the GasLand videos.  More info on agreement at
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Study: Energy storage will soon replace peaker plants –

See this article at at Robert Walton | November 13, 2014 Dive Brief: Energy storage options will be competitive or cheaper than the majority of simple cycle combustion turbin
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Bill McKibben’s Response to Historic Obama / China Agreement on Climate Change

As you may have heard, an historic movement in climate change discussions has occurred as the result of an agreement between President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping.  While encouraging, it is not our solution.  Bill McKibben (I consider him the father of the fight against cli
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Michael Brune: That Which Doesn’t Kill Us…

That Which Doesn’t Kill Us… By Michael Brune Executive Director, Sierra Club Yes, the election hurt. We feared it would be bad — and it was worse. By now we’ve all heard the Wednesday-morning quarterback analyses of how and why the Democratic Party gave up cont
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‘Extinction is forever!’ Don’t Let Politics Trump Science in Kansas

Bob Sommer, Director of Development Kansas Sierra Club Don’t Let Politics Trump Science in Kansas “I absolutely hate snakes. They are all killers, as far as I am concerned, because any one of them could give me a heart attack. However, I believe we need to stand up for all
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