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Harper County Herald front page story on Fracking issues in county

This is a great story about fracking in one of the counties where all the fuss is taking place.!10626&ithint=file%2cpdf&app=WordPdf&authkey=!AFHSO3EBNgY6Rds
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Save the Monarch – Initiative Announcement

Here is a video on the Monarch Butterfly.  We have lost 90% since the 90’s.  We had better try to help, eh?
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New Exchange with EPA Region 7 on 2014 Air Quality Standard Exceedances

VollandResponseToBrooksLetter-Jan-2015 Below, EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks responds to our letter of Dec. 8, which requested stronger action to mitigate excessive burning of grassland in the Flint Hills.  Our chapter provides further explanation of the problem on Jan. 15, 20
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Flint Hills rangeland burning on March 29, 2014

As Downloaded from NOAA: With colors and geographical outlines accentuated.
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Kansas Chapter Urges EPA to Fix the Flint Hills Burning Problem

In a letter to EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks the Kansas Chapter says that KDHE’s 2010 Smoke Management Plan has failed to mitigate the intensive rangeland burning practices in the Flint Hills, citing eleven air quality standard exceedances in 2014 including dangerous fi
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