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Kanza Cinema Presents: “Vanishing of the Bees”

Are there fewer bees in your gardens? Did you know that bee populations are dying all over the world? Do you think that what happens to bees is irrelevant? Well, this is how your life will look without them:           Join us to find out more about the threats
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Kansas Sierra Club Comments to the Kansas Water Vision Draft

Below is the Kansas Chapter’s comments as submitted on August 19, 2014.  We wrote, “Attached are the Sierra Club’s comments on the Kansas Water Vision Draft.  Thank you for the opportunity to meet with KWO and KDA staff on August 12; we are glad to get this opportuni
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Can’t go to NYC for the People’s Climate Rally? How about sending your Flat Stanley cutout instead?

You know you want to go to the People’s Climate Rally in New York City on September 2o-21. And you know it’s time for the world’s leaders to take action and lead on addressing the climate change crisis. So how about sending your Flat Stanley cutout instead (or maybe
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Shutdown of the Konza Prairie Ozone Monitor

Press Release MonitorShutDownPR Fact Sheet on Shutdown of Konza Prairie Ozone Monitor 1. The Konza Prairie Monitor. Installed in 2002, is described at this site: It is not part of the network of air quality monitors run by stat
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Largest Commercial Scale Post-Combustion CCS Project Begins Construction –

It is disappointing that so much taxpayer money is being used to support coal power and oil extraction. I know, I know; it reduces CO2 emissions from a coal plant. I still think this is a bad idea and a bad use of funds. Where are the Kochs and AFP screaming about taxpayer money subsi
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