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Save the Redbelly Snake and Kansas’ Endangered Species Act

You can find KDWPT vote and Sierra Club comment HERE Below you will find 1) Alert for Immediate Action; 2) A Fact Sheet; 3) our press release, 4) Chapter Comments to Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism (KDWPT); 5) a petition to sign and mail in, and 6) a video on the smoot
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Fracking Films in Wichita (Oct 11) and KC (Oct 12)

There are few corporate movements that represent a takeover of American life as is represented by Fracking.  Evidence is mounting, and our many of our leaders are simply ignoring the evidence.  All this at a time when we need to move away from fossil fuel extraction.  Fracking, like m
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French Reporters’ Series of Articles on Keystone XL Pipeline

The following is a series of articles by French reporters on the Keystone Pipeline. KXL Jingle Kansas Wind Corridor-1of4 KXL Jingle Kansas Wind Corridor-2of4 KXL Jingle Kansas Wind Corridor-3of4 KXL Oklahoma Continues to Breathe Oil
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Author Naomi Klein on how the Right is Right about Climate Change

On MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, he interviews author Naomi Klein on how the Right is right about climate change.  Watch these two short videos to find out what changes REALLY needs to happen with our social contract and to our world modus operandi for business and technology
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Sierra Club and Activists Organize Solidarity Events for Sept 21 Peoples Climate March in New York City

As you all know, the most important rally and gathering to fight climate change is this weekend in New York… The Peoples Climate March. Bill McKibben is the inspriation and primary organizer. The Kansas Chapter has loaded one full bus and two large vans to be there at the event.
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