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Range Management Practices Are Biggest Threat to Grassland Birds

Range Management Practices are Biggest Threat to Grassland Birds By Craig Volland and Ellie Skokan Recent studies published by Kansas State University (KSU) biologists identified intensive burning and grazing practices as the biggest threat to grassland birds in the Flint Hills and Sm
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“Burn, Prairie, Burn,” say KSU Researchers [1]

“Burn, Prairie, Burn” say KSU Researchers [1] A Critique by Craig Volland and Ellie Skokan find references here Introduction In a journal article[1] published in July, researchers at the Konza Prairie Biological Station (KPBS) warned that a large increase in burning of ran
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Wakarusa Group Earth Day in Lawrence

Wakarusa Earth Day
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Victory! Prairie Dogs Successfully Relocated

Prairie Dogs
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Planetary Success Is Not Guaranteed

Planetary Success
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