Pay 2 Play Film Showing Friday, December 5, Wichita

Pay 2 Play
Election Apocalypse, a Wichita group of concerned citizens, presents a screening of PAY 2 PLAY, a film about the corrupting influence of money in politics and what we can do to take our power back — featuring Robert Reich, Lawrence Lessig, Marianne Williamson, Noam Chomsky, Van Jones, John Nichols, Thom Hartmann and many others.

When:              Friday, December 5, 2014
Where:            Murdock Theater, 536 N Broadway, Wichita KS
A community discussion follows the screening
Tickets:           $8 suggested donation


PAY 2 PLAY follows filmmaker John Ennis’ quest to find a way out from under the Pay 2 Play System, defined by Ennis as the cycle where Politicians reward their donors with even larger sums from the public treasury — through contracts, jobs, tax cuts, and deregulation. P2P picks up where Ennis left off in his last film FREE FOR ALL, after his investigation into election fraud in Ohio led him to establish Video the Vote to watch the polls on Election Day. Ennis has recognized that by Election Day, so much has already happened to decide which candidates are or are not on the ballot, the result is surprisingly undemocratic. Driven by his need to make the world better for his newborn daughter to inherit, Ennis determines to study our road to elected office to find a way we can get out from under the Pay 2 Play System.

Robert Reich • John Nichols • Lawrence Lessig • Noam Chomsky • Jerry Springer • Van Jones • Marianne Williamson • Jack Abramoff • Thom Hartmann • Marge Baker • Mark Crispin Miller • Bob Edgar • Brad Friedman • Lee Fang • Jason Leopold • Jessica Levinson • Rashad Robinson • Kathay Feng • Ciara Torres-Spelliscy • Robert Weissman • Paul Hackett • Subodh Chandra • Surya Yalamanchili • Ralph Anspach

American Family Voices, Center for Media and Democracy, Color of Change, Common Cause, Democracy For America, Democracy Initiative, Free Speech For People, Global Exchange/Elect Democracy, Money Out Voters In, Move To Amend, Public Campaign, Public Citizen, Rebuild The Dream, Represent US, ReThink Media, Rock The Vote, Rootstrikers and Stamp Stampede

John Wellington Ennis, Director / Producer
John Wellington Ennis is a filmmaker, activist, and father. His previous films are FREE FOR ALL!: One Dude’s Quest to Save Democracy and the Upright Citizens Brigade‘s Wild Girls Gone, starring Amy Poehler. Ennis has written for The Huffington Post, The Onion, and Melrose & Fairfax. He is a co-founder of Video the Vote, a citizen journalism project covering election problems, and is on the board of Public Interest Pictures. He attended the film schools at New York University and University of Southern California and has taught documentary filmmaking at UCLA Extension.

Shockwave, DAILY KOS

Pay 2 Play is a well-researched documentary about the effects of big money in politics”
– Martin Tsai, LA Times

“The difference with this movie is that it means to inspire hope”
-Michael O’Sullivan, Washington Post

“Now the democracy movement has our Gasland a great documentary that tells the tough truth, points the way to change, and fills the heart with hope.” -Kai Newkirk, 99RISE

“Feels like a stream expanding into to a wider river of progress.” – Brightest Young Things

“An empowering call to action for people to know that every voice counts.” – Cinema Assassin

“Full of energy and intelligence and a heartfelt and necessary message that tells us to wake up and take control of our government” – James Van Maanen, TrustMovies

“A stirring plea to level the playing field in our political system” – Jake Whitney, UTNE

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