Perry Lake Trail Update

Hello, All.  I want to provide a quick update on the latest happenings at Perry.  Please share with others, as we’re looking forward to increased trail usage this year with the many improvements being put in place.

* New Trail Access.  The reroute of Section 4 near the Ferguson Road – SloughCreekBridge is complete.  Thanks to the efforts of Sierra Club and KCOC volunteers this past weekend, the old route has been abandoned and stumps and debris have been removed from the new route.  Trail access is at the entry road to the boat ramp near the bridge (see

* New Trailhead Kiosk.  Thanks to Troop 351, Shawnee, we now have a new kiosk in place at the Old Military Trail area (see  Within the next week or two we will be putting detailed topo maps of Sections 2 and 3 in this kiosk, along with contact information and other pertinent details.  Plans are to put a similar kiosk in at the new trail access point mentioned above.  We’re looking for volunteers!

* Mile Markers.  KTC, Sierra Club, KCOC and other volunteers have been placing mile markers on the trail over the last few months.  At this time, mile markers are in for the first EIGHTEEN MILES, starting at the Section 1 trailhead at SloughCreekPark.  With the recent completion of Section 4 reroute, mile markers for the rest of the trail can go in later this year.

* More Signage.  Thanks to the efforts of Jefferson County Economic Development and the Corps of Engineers, we should soon see road signs (“Hiking Trail Access” + directional arrow) along Ferguson Road near the SloughCreekBridge and near Old Military Trail area.  Additional signs will be placed near the main Section 1 trailhead within SloughCreekPark.

* Volunteer Opportunities.  Besides the aforementioned need for one more trailhead kiosk and more mile markers, we always have projects in need of volunteers.  Some projects currently needing attention include: (1) updating paint blazes on parts of Sections 2 and 3, (2) replacing the 94th Street foot bridge lost to flooding last October, (3) a new bridge project at 66th Street, (4) repairs to the original foot bridge within Old Military Trail area, (5) a minor trail reroute on Section 2 west of Old Military Trail area.  If you’ve got a volunteer crew available, or an Eagle Scout looking for a project, please let me know.

Perry Lake Trail is in great shape this year with many improvements and considerable maintenance activity over the last six months.  If you haven’t been on the trail recently, consider a hike from the new access point, or anywhere on the other sections.  The best hiking conditions this spring will occur over the next two months.

By Kevin Otterman, Perry Lake Trail Coordinator

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