Protect the Clean Power Plan

As you may be aware, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is in the process of holding the one and only public hearing on the Administration’s plans to dismantle the Clean Power Plan. (

And in a tip of his hat to the coal industry, this one and only hearing is being held in West Virginia.

The Clean Power Plan means too much to our economy, our environment, our public health, and clean air and water to be cast aside at all, let alone after one hearing. So, I am asking you if you will take a minute to post a message on Twitter about why we need to keep the Clean Power Plan.

I’ve pasted below a list of several tweets you can cut and paste, broken out by topic area. These can also be posted on Facebook, if you are not active on Twitter.



Healthy Economy

Public Health

  •       Repealing the Clean Power Plan means more sick kids, more hospital visits, and more premature deaths. We must #ProtectCPP to protect our health. #EPAinWV

General Benefits of CPP

  •       According to Trump’s EPA, the benefits of the Clean Power Plan are EVEN greater than Obama-era estimates. Why would @EPAScottPruitt try to gut it? #ProtectCPP #EPAinWV
  •       The clean energy transition is already underway. By gutting carbon pollution standards to help polluters make a buck, @EPAScottPruitt is putting us at risk. #ProtectCPP #EPAinWV
  •       Comments supporting the Clean Power Plan BROKE RECORDS at the @EPA. We need @EPAScottPruitt to listen to the American people and #ProtectCPP. #EPAinWV

Legal Foundation

  •       The Clean Power Plan is consistent with law, court precedent, and existing @EPA standards. @EPAScottPruitt’s decision to gut it is dangerous and out of line. #ProtectCPP #EPAinWV

Extreme Weather

  •       Climate change makes hurricanes more destructive and deadly. @EPAScottPruitt wants to roll back our best shot at addressing it. #ProtectCPP #EPAinWV
  •       In the last 10 years, extreme weather cost the US $240 billion every year. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. #ProtectCPP #EPAinWV
  •       Climate change isn’t just costing us our health, it’s costing us BILLIONS in damages every year. We need the Clean Power Plan to protect us if @EPAScottPruitt won’t. #ProtectCPP #EPAinWV

·       Extreme weather fueled by climate change is causing BILLIONS in damage across the country every year, but @EPAScottPruitt wants to leave us vulnerable. #ProtectCPP #EPAinWV


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