Sample Wind “Letter to the Editor”

Dear Editor:

Evidence of global warming bombards us each day: glaciers all over the globe melting, stronger storms, six of the earth’s hottest years since 1860 occurring in the last eight years, and so on. The scientific community is now virtually unanimous in their conclusion that global warming is caused by greenhouse gases, 80% of which are carbon dioxide. CO2 occurs as a result of burning coal, gasoline, and other fossil fuels. Our electric power plants are huge contributors of carbon dioxide.

Despite all this the state is about to permit a huge new coal-fired power plant for construction in Holcomb , Kansas . This one plant will produce 13,000,000 tons of CO2 each year. To offset Holcomb’s annual contribution to global warming, with all of its known and unknown risks to life on our planet, we would need to remove 1,900,000 gasoline powered cars, SUV’s, and light trucks from our highways.

Furthermore, this new plant could increase Kansas mercury emissions by 65 percent. To add insult to injury, most of the electricity to be produced at Holcomb will be sent to Colorado . We get the pollution while Colorado gets the power.

Why aren’t we actively talking about better efficiency, wind power and solar power, or at least state-of-the art emission controls? Instead we are about to be stuck for 50 years or more with huge new coal plant that is just business as usual.

Courtesy of you

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