Satterthwaite Wildlife Preserve Trail Maintenance

It was a cold day for trail maintenance at the Satterthwaite Wildlife Preserve which is the home of Southwind Group’s Geoff Peggs Memorial Trail near Udall, Kansas.  This wildlife preserve is an 80 acre gift to the Sunflower Land Trust left by the Satterthwaite family.  What a wonderful family legacy this gift of a wildlife preserve is to memorialize the family’s love for their land!

Southwind members gathered on the morning of December 13, the day after Southwind’s holiday party, to pick up sticks and wood left behind from 2008’s floods.  Members present were Dave Kirkbride, Chair of the Southwind Group, Kathryn Buck, executive member of Southwind, Bill Cather, executive member of Southwind, Yvonne Cather, Chair of the Kansas Chapter, Bruce Fuelling, Ann Zogelman, Ron Morris, Dan Carpenter and John Henderson.

Sierra Club thanks to the Sunflower Land Trust and the Satterthwaite family for letting us hike and preserve the environment.  Jim Michael, CEO and Bruce Frost, Chairman of the Board of the Sunflower Land Trust were hardy participants at this conservation outing and are good stewards of the land.


Their Photos are included on this page with Southwind Sierra Club members having lunch in Mulvane, Kansas at the Pizza Hut.  Bruce Frost is standing up in the back row on the far left hand side and Jim Michael is sitting down on the front row on the far left hand side.  Members pictured here starting on the back row from left to right next to Bruce Frost are Dave Kirkbride, Bill Cather, Ron Morris, and Bruce Fuelling.  On the front row next to Jim Michael is Yvonne Cather and Ann Zogelman.   Bruce Frost is also pictured with Kathryn Buck and Dave Kirkbride in front of a pile of wood that we gathered.

By Yvonne Cather

Courtesy of you

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