Say NO to Tyson in Sedgwick County!

Say NO to Tyson in Sedgwick County!

No Tyson Sign


#NoTysonSedgwickCounty is asking everyone to write to Sedgwick County Commissioners and explain why allowing Tyson to bring in near-poverty level jobs with almost 100 percent turnover every year because the work is so dangerous is a bad idea. Learn more at the No Tyson Sedgwick County Group Facebook page. Share your thoughts here: Call Sedgwick County Commissioners at 316.660.9300. And email them here today:

Contact Lori if you would like a sign to put at your house or business! We also now have a few of places where people can pick up free No Tyson Sedgwick County yard signs:
Beautiful Day Café, 2516 E. Central;
Peace & Social Justice Center, 1407 N. Topeka;
Douglas Avenue Chop Shop, 1113 E. Douglas. Click for open hours.

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