Sierra Club Endorses Two for the Kansas Board of Education

In a move that departs from tradition in Kansas, the Sierra Club has endorsed two candidates for the State Board of Education.  The Political Committee weighed its concern for recent efforts by conservative education leaders to conflate rejecting the science of evolution with a rejection of climate change science in the classroom.

Janet Waugh is endorsed for District 1 (northeast Kansas).  Waugh joined the State Board of Education in 1999.  She previously served on the Turner School District Board of Education for 15 years, including eight years as president.  Describing her positions, she says, “I will continue to encourage environmental education in our standards so all students are familiar with these issues.”


Dr.  Robert E.  Medford is endorsed for District 9 (southeast Kansas).  Medford is an active Sierra Club member who lists as one of his top campaign issues, “Preventing ideologues from corrupting the curricula.” Medford counts a Sierra Club service trip to repair trails on Snowmass Mountain as his greatest environmental achievement.

By Bob Sommer, Kansas Chapter Political Chair

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