Sierra Club Focus of KC Area TV Talk Show

On November 15, Elaine Giessel, representing the Sierra Club, was the guest of Steve Rose on the KCPT (PBS) program “TalkBack Live.” Giessel, a member since 1981, is chair of the KC metro area Kanza Group and currently serves on the Sierra Club’s national Environmental Quality Strategy Team and the Kansas Chapter Executive Committee.

Rose, chairman of Sun Publications, hosts a live ½ hour call-in program, which consists of a fifteen minute interview with his guest, after which phones are open for viewers to call in.  Rose describes his program “as a great opportunity to get to the bottom of issues facing the Kansas City area, and to put the community leaders in a position where they can explain their side of the issues, first directly to me, then to viewers who call in with questions.”

A broad range of topics was covered during the show, including bottled water, results of the recent Congressional election, global warming, coal-burning electrical generating plants, wind, solar and nuclear power, light rail, local air and water quality, and sustainable communities.

Giessel responded to about a dozen different questions during the 15-minute call-in portion of the program.  According to Rose, the large number of calls received and answered was unusual, indicating a high level of interest locally in environmental issues.  Rose commented that he found the information provided on the show as “very, very enlightening.”

While voicing appreciation that KCPT has given Sierra Club an opportunity to share its views, Giessel added, “There is an urgent need for the general public to get more detailed information on the environmental issues facing their families.  The Kansas City area could serve as a model for building livable communities, but there are still many concerns to be addressed and sustainable options to be explored.”

Giessel is scheduled to be on KKFI’s (90.1 FM) live call-in talk show “6 B.C.” with host Barbara Crist at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, December 19 to discuss how the results of the last election might affect the environmental work being done by Sierra Club.

According to a recent poll done by Zogby International, global warming was a “sleeper issue” in the midterm election.  More than 75 percent of the respondents, including self-described conservatives and “very conservative” voters, said they agreed with the following statement: “Congress should pass legislation promoting renewables and alternative energy sources as an effective way to reduce global warming pollution.”

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