Sierra Club Petitions KDHE to Address Odor at Large Hog Factories

PigBreedingBarn-300The following is from a press release issued to Kansas media outlets.

The Sierra Club today submitted a petition to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment calling for the Department to initiate a rulemaking process to address odors generated by large swine feeding operations.

During proceedings related to the massive Seaboard Ladder Creek hog confinement complex in Greeley County, the Kansas Chapter realized that KDHE had not adhered to the statute governing rules on odor control plans at swine feeding operations. We noted that, with their current rule for odor control plans, KDHE makes no distinction between an operation of 1000 animal units (2500 hogs over 55 pounds) and the Ladder Creek operation that will house up to 158,400 animal units (as many as 396,000 hogs over 55 pounds). KDHE has denied our contention.

“It’s obvious that a hog factory with 400,000 animals should have to adhere to stricter practices for reducing odors than an operation with only 2500 hogs,” said Craig Volland, Chair of the Kansas Chapter’s Agriculture Committee. “Right now long-time rural residents in Kansas are sitting ducks for an intrusion of massive, smelly hog factories.”

The Chapter has included in the petition some recommendations for tighter rules for odor control plans. The petition can be viewed below.



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