Southwind Holiday Party

Mary Cather Hefley welcomed Southwind Sierra Club members to her home for the holiday party.  She gave a special thanks to Mary Kirkbride for her hospitality at the annual Gyp Hills Hike at the ancestral Kirkbride ranch with its old home (dating back to the late 1800’s) set amid the red mesas.  The author’s mother and host of this year’s holiday party said the moon glowing over their lake was “Awesome” and is pictured here in front of a Christmas Tree between Mary and Dave Kirkbride.  Also, special thanks to Bobbie Keltner (and husband Bill) who assisted with the table setting.  Former hostesses Grace Kneil and Karin Cowdrey brought special entrees.  The stars of the show were Andrea Stimpson, age 5 and Corbin Stimpson, age 4; grandchildren of executive member Kathryn Buck.  Our children and grandchildren are the reason for Sierra’s concern about our future and the future of the planet.  Kansas Chapter Chair Yvonne Cather and granddaughter Hailey, age 7, photographed the celebration.

Special guests and newly elected State Board of Education member Walt Chappell and his wife Valentina were present and pictured here on the right hand side of Grace and Tom Kneil.  The food was great and conversation lighthearted, about hiking, paddling and wind farms.  Our hopes and wishes are with our governor and the president elect.

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