Stephene Moore Thanks the Sierra Club for Its Endorsement

Thank you very much for your support.  Environmental and energy issues are a growing concern for Kansas families, and for our country.  As energy costs rise, the budgets of families and businesses suffer, along with the environment.  In America, we have the ability to overcome the challenges we face by supporting innovation and new, clean, energy technologies.

We must support the possibility of alternative energy to create clean energy jobs, protect our environment, and to stop sending billions of dollars overseas to countries who threaten our national security.  In Kansas, we are in the top three states in the nation for wind energy production potential.  We must take advantage of our natural resources and become a leader in America’s clean energy economy.

Promoting clean energy innovation, new technologies, energy efficiency, and an independent energy policy are key to America’s future.  Investing in domestic energy sources such as wind, solar, and advanced biofuels is essential to our national security and economic growth.

We must protect and preserve our planet for future generations.  In Congress, I will work with Democrats and Republicans to do what is best for Kansans, and ensure America’s continued prosperity for future generations.

By Stephene Moore, Candidate for Congress

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