Thank you, Craig Wolfe!

Thank you, Craig Wolfe!

After nearly thirty years of service to the Sierra Club’s Kansas Chapter, Craig Wolfe has recently stepped down from his leadership role. Or perhaps we should say, roles. Craig has at one time or another served as a Chapter and Group leader in almost every position in the Club, and a few that don’t even carry titles.

In recent years, members and friends of the Club have known Craig as the Communications Director for the Kansas Chapter. He’s been responsible for editing Planet Kansas, managing the website, and getting timely meeting notices and alerts into our digital and end-of-the-driveway mailboxes. What many did not see, however, were the long hours of dedicated service Craig gave to managing the database, handling administrative tasks, planning meetings, and doing much of the Chapter and Group audio-visual work.

Craig has served on the Executive Committees for both the Chapter and the Kanza Group, often simultaneously, for most of three decades. He has been Kanza Group Chair and Kansas Chapter Chair, and for ten years served as the Auction Chair for the Kanza Group, itself a mighty undertaking.

Craig’s passion is, as he often says, “to find the right place to put his lever under the rock” so he can be as effective as possible in addressing the climate crisis. Sierra Club members throughout Kansas have heard his compelling presentations on this issue. Additionally, we’ve had the pleasure of watching the renaissance of his music career, which he has also dedicated to the climate crisis. ExCom member Joe Spease describes Craig as “a dynamic environmentalist who combines a great amount of knowledge with a powerful passion to find solutions to environmental problems.”

And recognizing that Craig is no Johnny-come-lately to these issues, Craig Volland, himself a long-time activist for the Club, notes that “Craig Wolfe was ‘boots on the ground’ for renewable energy 30 years ago when he served as general contractor to build passive solar homes.”

Please join us in wishing Craig well in the next stage of his most interesting life by posting your comments at the Kansas Chapter Facebook page.

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