URGENT: Protect the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)

Wind-4WebURGENT: Protect the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)

The RPS is a requirement that Kansas meet a goal of 20% of peak demand electric energy capacity by 2020 by the use of Photovoltaics, Landfill Gas, Wind, Biomass, Hydroelectric, Small Hydroelectric, Fuel Cells using Renewable Fuels

Please call, email, or send a message through Kansans4CleanEnergy.org to your legislator on Friday to tell your legislator to VOTE NO on SB 84.

You can find out who represents you and their contact information at openkansas.org. Or, if you know your State Legislators, you can call
1-800-432-3924 and the legislative hotline will provide you with the direct line to your Senator’s office.

We knew it was coming – Americans for Prosperity has found allies in the Kansas legislature to make another run at repealing the Renewable Portfolio Standards. They’ve done a gut and go substituting a freeze on the RPS for what was previously an unrelated tax bill called SB 84 (they did this after the legislature had adjourned). This bill will end up on the House floor if not voted down in the conference committee. More information is below as well as information on how to contact your legislators. Yes, we are asking you again to contact your legislators and I know it is a hectic time for most of you but the state has almost reached its RPS goals and it be a shame to stop progress now.

THIS IS IT! Opponents of the RPS are trying a last ditch effort under the guise of a compromise to squash clean energy. SB 84, will freeze/repeal the Renewable Portfolio Standard.

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