Wakarusa Group Winter Activities

In February we will be working with other area grassroots environmental groups to orchestrate a fun fundraising event to help defray the expenses the attorneys will meet as they file the complaint against the Fed Highway Administration for approving the 32nd Street route for the South Lawrence Trafficway.  (See SLT update article on page…..)

The Conservation Committee is down to a committee of one!  Please consider serving on this committee.  Our current activities include partnering with Citizens for Responsible Planning (CRP) to help rewrite chapters of Lawrence’s Comprehensive Plan, Horizon 2020, and assist with the rewriting of the Master Transportation Plan of the Lawrence MPO.  CRP also jumps in to put out the fires of more urban sprawl as they erupt in Lawrence’s urban growth area.

Our outings coordinator will be out of town over the winter, but by the next issue, look for interesting outing(s) posted in this newsletter by George Brenner.

The Cool Cities Committee is planning spring campaign activities and would welcome new worker bees.  If this area is of interest to you, please contact me.

Last but not least, the Wakarusa Group will have opportunities for its members to help with the state chapter’s clean energy campaign.  We participated in cranking up the volume of opposition to the air permitting of new coal fired power plants in Holcomb, however, such activity was just the beginning rather than the end of the job at hand.

If you would like to see the Wakarusa Group have more activities, please contact me if you can help make this happen.

Carey Maynard-Moody



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